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Cognitive Behavioural Analysis System of Psychotherapy (CBASP) is a highly structured, interpersonally focused version of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and is an effective intervention for depression, particularly for individuals who have experienced chronic symptoms. The treatment teaches clients to see each interaction as separate, thus reducing the tendency to ruminate about the ways in which each issue relates to other problems in life.

Additionally, this treatment emphasises outcomes that lie within the control of the client and encourages the development of helpful alternatives to interpretations and behaviours that decrease the likelihood of clients achieving their desired outcomes.

Chronically depressed people feel disconnected from the environment and as a result become entrenched in social behaviours that maintain depression. CBASP is the only therapy model developed specifically for the treatment of chronic depression. It involves addressing the individuals functioning in their social and interpersonal relationships and addressing their cognitive-emotional-behavioral patterns.

jLaw Psychology Practice offers one-to-one, confidential CBASP therapy in a safe and comfortable setting.