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Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM)

I now offer a Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) approach to dissociative clients. CRM is an innovative therapy which addresses issues that talking therapies may not always be effective in dealing with. These include the dissociation experienced in complex PTSD, early attachment disruption and survival terror. CRM addresses the neurobiological resource deficit in dissociative clients.

CRM utilises a person's internal energy, core-self and the neurobiology of attachment to access and shift to the deepest levels of healing (Lisa Schwarz, 2004). The Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) modality is a nested modality with each internal resource used in a fashion that paves the way for the next level of resource to be developed and utilised.

The final goal is processing the traumatic material from a place of complete neurobiological resourcing in various brain structures simultaneously. Eye positions are used to anchor the resources during processing.

The individual resources, as well as the model as a whole, can be used during any and all types of psychotherapeutic models including CBT and EMDR. The model includes effective tools from many modalities and each resource within CRM can be used within any other type of healing work. It is a streamlined modality in which deep healing occurs quickly, gently, and it sticks.