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Extraordinary, revelatory and above all, hugely successful. These adjectives sit most comfortably with, and accurately portray, the outcome of my counselling experience with Jacqui. My only previous experience with a counsellor had been hugely disappointing and, had it not been for a personal recommendation, I wouldn't have considered further counselling. Am I glad that I did. After 2 sessions, Jacqui had completely dispelled my fear and scepticism and her use of EMDR changed my outlook on life. I can't speak highly enough of Jacqui's professionalism and calming objectivity. It was a life changing experience and I'll be forever indebted to her.


At first I was a little unsure about the therapy but Jacqui was very easy to talk to so I soon got used to it. Jacqui was so kind, helpful and supportive and I am very grateful to her for all her help. I feel so much better now and I feel so happy. I did not think it was possible to feel like this at the start.


When I first came to see Jacqui, I had been through a very rough few years which had left me with anxiety and self-esteem issues, as well as being depressed and feeling 'in a rut'. In the 8 months I was seeing Jacqui I have significantly turned my life around and now have a much brighter outlook for the future. She successfully helped me to gain a more balanced view on life/situations and to get through my anxiety and self-esteem problems. She was very welcoming, easy to speak to, and understanding. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone. Thanks again for all the help!


I had been stuck in a rut on and off for several years and thought that this was what life was about. After the end of yet another relationship I felt I could not take it any more and sought help with my depression. I saw Jacqui for about three months and can honestly say that the tools, knowledge and support she has provided has changed my life! I was living in a dark world but now feel so light in outlook and in mood. Instead of reacting to life's issues, I problem solve them and act on the solution: no more sitting around brooding for me! With her support I have worked hard and changed many things in my life. I have a new partner and am so happy. I know I will behave and think differently in this one and am already getting so much more from it! I now value myself. The future is now something I look forward to!!


Many thanks to Leah. The therapy sessions have made me see life more clearly, lifted the fog - and now I am living life with a much more positive outlook.


After many years of suffering with anxiousness and associate negative behaviours, I came across CBT as a possible solution to my problems. I was put into contact with Jacqui and through the course of only a few months of working with her, my life has undergone a complete change. Not only have the symptoms of anxiety disappeared, so too have the behaviours which were having such an adverse effect on my life. The therapy has also provided me with the tools and techniques necessary to combat the symptoms and thought processes responsible should they ever arise again. I cannot thank Jacqui enough for her help, patience and the confidence with which I can now approach the future.


Jacqui, I am so glad I decided to come to meet with you. I really did not know what to expect and I feel that I have achieved so much more than I could ever have imagined with your help, guidance and support. I really feel so much better within myself and the angst and destructive feelings have eased away. I feel armed and equipped to deal with anything. I see small things all the time that I do/react that make me feel stronger and true to myself. I feel so much happier and settled in my soul having talked with you about every last thing in my mind. I actually feel very emotional thinking about how much you have helped me.

Thank you so much!


I was put in touch with Leah to try NLP for severe pain, to work alongside my existing pain management programme. I was slightly sceptical at how NLP works, but Leah's welcoming and compassionate approach put me at ease, and after only one session I had a result. After four sessions with Leah, where she introduced me to various NLP techniques, I was confident to use the tools at home. I found the visualisation exercises easy to carry out anywhere, even outdoors, using the clouds as my focal point. I find NLP very relaxing, I have since used the tools not only for my pain, but low mood and insomnia. I would like to thank Leah for introducing me to such a revolutionary form of therapy


Over the past three months I have been attending the Why Weight group - the content and presentation of the sessions by Leah is invaluable, I can't thank her enough. I can honestly say I am absolutely delighted at how the group, in such a short time, has rapidly changed my outlook towards my relationship with food and exercise. I am now also beginning to make healthier choices in my life. I have struggled for years with my weight, however over the past 12 weeks I have achieved two of my long term goals. I have never felt as motivated and positive towards choosing to lead a healthier lifestyle as I am now after attending the group.

There are no quick fixes with weight loss as I have discovered over many years. I was stuck and had given up, having tried many diets. For me the Why Weight group has been a fantastic foundation in creating a new positive, healthy mindset, which will help me in the years to come maintain my new healthy lifestyle. I would highly recommend contacting the practice to discuss attending a Why Weight group, I can assure you it will change your life forever.


I worked with Leah for almost eight months and it has been the most challenging but rewarding time in my life so far. After struggling with my self-esteem, confidence and image and going in and out of periods of severe depression and anxiety, in just eight months I have renewed myself into a highly developed version of the old me. I had a lot of things to work on and still have a little way to go but without the help of Leah and her resourcefulness I would not be in the place I am now. A lot of what we worked on was how I cope with situations and feelings, when I first met with Leah I could tell that it would be a very supportive time for me and that I was safe in her hands.

I was often overwhelmed with how I would feel and because of this I would feel suicidal, but Leah gave me the resources and skills I needed to face those feelings when they surfaced and in turn I now do not feel overwhelmed with my feelings. Instead I can challenge and tackle them and so this raises my self-esteem as I know I am capable of surviving these feelings. I had very little body confidence and would often wear baggy clothes to hide my body but through tackling how I feel about myself and putting myself in situations where I can prove my self-belief wrong, I have come so far in how I view my outside appearance, even though this was a difficult time Leah was very supportive and encouraged me to keep going. I am not yet at the point where I can wear whatever I want on any day but on days where I feel very confident within myself I can wear the clothes I’ve always dreamed of wearing unapologetically.

When I first started work with Leah I would often feel guilty about almost everything but with Leah’s help to change my way of thinking, and working on my core belief, I feel guilty very little when I do not have to. This was a small change that I did not notice at first as my thinking was changing subconsciously, without the constant support from Leah I could have easily slipped back into my old thinking pattern, and even when I did for short periods, Leah knew exactly the resources I needed to give me that extra push to further the change. Even though it has only been eight months since I was at my lowest, that old me who felt so low, anxious and who didn’t love anything about herself, seems millions of years away. It is not hard for me to look back on these things as I can now accept and move on from those feelings, and that is something I was unable to do before our sessions started.

The amazing improvement I have seen within myself could not have happened without the support and belief Leah had given me, and I would still be that person last year without being pushed to do it for myself. I am only able to write this in such detail because Leah taught me how to reflect on what has happened and really come to terms with how things used to be. I think the biggest evidence of Leah’s dedicated and amazing work is in the comparative results from when I started and when I finished therapy, my anxiety lowered from a high 33 to a very low 4 and my depression lowered from a severe 44 to a very low 5. I could feel the difference in myself when I was filling out the forms on my last session and it was very emotional to remember how I felt when I first filled those out. My family and I are so incredibly grateful to Leah for bringing me back from the brink, and for being an amazing and selfless person. I would recommend her to anyone who feels there is no hope, and who are ready to start their life again, because that is what Leah gives, a chance to rebuild and shape your future even when you’re not so sure that you want one.


Seeing Fiona every week was so perfect for me. It was enough time to work on things from our last meeting without forgetting things. There was also a very clear structure to our meetings and I knew where I was going with each session.


Fiona is very patient and very kind. I felt that she was really listening to me with no judgement about how I looked or how I was feeling. At all times Fiona kept me informed as to how the sessions would progress and what I should expect. I was also always given the opportunity to choose what I did or did not want to talk about and I really appreciated that.


Fiona provided me with the tools to understand my own thought processes and reactions to events, and how I could effectively reframe situations so that they did not impact negatively on my mental health. I feel that I am equipped with the necessary tools to manage better my own mental health